Multi coins AutoFaucet with Direct Payout

A fast AutoFaucet for multi currency with a direct payout to Faucethub !

AutoFaucet will let you earn some coins or alt coins without doing anything.
Be sure to use a Faucethub linked address and set the AutoFaucet Power to the desired value.
If you want to use your PC during the AutoFaucet proccess, it's better to use the Medium Power instead the Max.


AutoFaucet Power

Currency and Rate of the AutoFaucet

# Coin / Currency Reward Timer
XPM AutoFaucet Primecoin up to 306 XPM 1 minute
DOGE AutoFaucet Doge up to 167388 DOGE 1 minute
BLK AutoFaucet BlackCoin up to 3167 BLK 1 minute
BTX AutoFaucet BitCore up to 246 BTX 1 minute
DASH AutoFaucet Dash up to 25 DASH 15 minutes
LTC AutoFaucet Litecoin up to 30 LTC 6 minutes
PPC AutoFaucet Peercoin up to 317 PPC 1 minute
BCH AutoFaucet Bitcoin Cash up to 25 BCH 47 minutes
ETH AutoFaucet Ethereum up to 26 ETH 30 minutes
BTC AutoFaucet Bitcoin up to 25 BTC 170 minutes
POT AutoFaucet PotCoin up to 8785 POT 1 minute
ZEC AutoFaucet Zcash up to 27 ZEC 12 minutes
XMR AutoFaucet Monero up to 28 XMR 9 minutes
DGB AutoFaucet DigiByte up to 10531 DGB 1 minute
Every amount showing here talk about decimal. Example : 1 BTC is in fact 1 Bitcoin satoshi : 0.00000001 BTC !

AutoFaucet also called Floodgate is a good way to earn cryptocurrency.
You do not have to do captcha, click on ads, move into a lot of popups, etc...
Just let the AutoFaucet running and earn monney !

You can use it on multiple devices simultaneously with the same address (ie : laptop, desktop, smartphone) but you can not use it multiples times on the same device. (ie : multiple tabs or browsers)